• Soul Vibing

Just One Hit

No matter where I am, I always think about your touch,

Anytime I close my eyes I imagine and start to feel you in my guts.

It’s almost disturbing to know that I can’t get enough,

Whether you love me slow, or sex my soul or even fuck me rough.

Looking at me with devouring eyes,

The base of your voice when you call my name,

Body fluids running down my thighs,

Icy hot feelings taking over my veins.

My heart starts beating dramatically,

Biting my lip, I want you to take me so badly.

My breaths are slow as I’m taking them deeply,

Body temp running hot, the vehicle of my soul is overheating.

And all I can think about is you coming to eat me...

You got me feening as you’re keeping me waiting,

Through my panties I feel a throbbing so intensely I can’t take it.

Need one hit of your narcotics and maybe I’ll make it,

Graze my hand across your boulder to let you know I’ll just have to take it.

Our eyes are locked in deep as I slowly lower to my knees,

Looking up at you got me ready to beg for it,

With no words, but mouth open as ‘let me taste you please.’

Sucking on your tip, I feel my body relax instantly,

You’re getting unbearably harder as my tongue is teasing you roaming so freely.

You run your fingers through my hair and make sure you have a tight grip,

Then start pulling my head in closer, damn, I love it when daddy feeds me dick!

You have the smoothest stroke as you guide your muscle down my throat,

You’re so hard and it’s so strong that I would be wrong if I didn’t choke.

You’re a mouthful baby.

My salivary glands are overworking with every thrust,

Overflowing from my mouth,

Onto my breasts,

Down my stomach then pussy,

This view always has you ready to bust.

One hand playing with my clit,

Moaning while my other hand caresses your balls as I’m slurping down all the inches of your dick.

Just for a moment I let my mouth and hand switch,

Sucking on your jewels, hand stroking my king’s stick.

Allowing my tongue to guide me back up I find my mouth revisiting your tip,

Ready to catch all your juices because it’s something I don’t wanna miss.

Just to make sure, I place you in the back of my throat,

You’re sexing my mouth even harder so I know where this is going to go.

Your body tenses and you become sensitive to all senses,

As your warm release flows down my throat,

I swallow, kiss your tip and lick my lips just to gloat.

~Soul Vibing

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