• Soul Vibing

Strokes In Outer Space

You’re like the moon...

Rising the waters of my tide and inspiring my insides.

Influencing my fluids and all of my feels.

Watching your crescent transform into a full moon,

Bringing my inner freak out,

Because freaks come out at night,

Giving life to that saying ready to show you what this mouth is about.

High in the sky you rise,

Baby can we stop time?

Just to stop and breath and admire the moment in this moonshine.

Shadows cast all around us but the moon is so lit it’s still shining on me,

Ready to ride on it,

Until we reach another galaxy...

Maybe to the Milky Way,

Because my pussy has some milky ways,

The more you stroke,

The more She flows,

And now you’re loving outer space.

You were lost in a big world but you found home inside of me,

You feel your universe inside of me,

Awakened now by the galactic frequencies of this pussy...

Such a crazy ass feeling,

I know.

Pouring powerful elements on to you just to be damn sure you feel it.

I just want to introduce you to a new world outside of this world,

To unleash your mind and pry your third eye open,

Untraceable by the best scientists,

We’re creating new energy fields as your eyes rolling while I’m choking,

It’s an explosion...

Eyes closed so tight you’re seeing nothing but stars,

And Saturn and maybe Mars,

But this juicy, round booty is the best planet you’ve discovered so far.

I’m throwing it like a shooting star but you’re catching it without hesitation,

You’re learning the waves of this new vibration,

And now our chemistry is creating constellations.

Making contributions to astronomy,

You learned your soul is apart my cosmo,

Gravitationally bound to me.

Welcome to my world,

Thanks for cuming to experience this galaxy inside of me.

~Soul Vibing

*(I Do Not Own The Rights To This Photo)*

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