• Soul Vibing

Talk Dirty To Me

I'm looking at you, looking at me,

you got me curious about what it is that you see.

Open your mind and relax your lips,

I want to know your thoughts, it's your mind I want to strip.

You tell me that I'm beautiful, but I'm not your ordinary picture,

you say I'm more like a muse, or the inspiration behind a love scripture.

You say my thoughts must be contagious, because you feel my vibrations,

you say that my eyes are alluring, hypnotizing, yet reassuring.

You say my aura persuades you to vibe a certain way,

so please tell me in detail because I want to know everything you have to say.

You took a deep breath so you could explain how I have you weak,

take your time, I don't mind, then out came the words you speak;

he said:

"You got me lost in contemplation,

the world disappears and is of no relation.

My body is overtaken, as you got me overstimulated...

because my thoughts and feelings are now integrated,

yet somehow still leaving my mind overpopulated,

but in the best way because truly I'm elated, but damn...

I'm so at peace, but how can this be?

Euphoria travels my bloodstream, lifting me in the clouds, feeling like I'm in a dream.

Feeling every pattern of your vibe because your frequency has a color scheme,

and the light you emit just so happens to be the brightest beam.

I suddenly stepped into your presence and realized I have never been at ease...in my life!

What does this mean?

It's like you open up my mind so much it makes my temples pulsate,

have me in the deepest thought, awaken my consciousness and make it vibrate...

and that's a feeling out of this world.

You're a stimuli far beyond the eye like something metaphysical,

like teaching me the ways of sapiosexual, if you're trying to get contextual,

because it goes way deeper than just sexual, but damn...

You're so attractive, and its far beyond looks that hold me captive.

It's so hard for me to remain passive when this static I'm experiencing is very climactic.

I just know I have to have it because it's becoming problematic.

My every day life has been so systematic,

I just want to subtract that, so you can be added,

it's simple mathematics...

that would equal my best self, living my best life,

and no longer my best lie, as You and my truth align."

Wow! I exclaimed, you got me soaked down to my thighs.

As I sit here speechless I feel the temperature of my body rise.

You caressed my ears with your words and mind-sexed my brain,

just made love to my soul and now I don't know what to say...

because nothing turns me on like the switch that has no touch,

sapiosexual, wet from the mental, because there's nothing like being mind fucked...

...now let's fuck!

~Soul Vibing

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