• Soul Vibing

Taste Buds (his perspective)

You have such beautiful lips.

The soft ones upon your face,

And the sweet ones I hope to taste.

One day, I will meet them face to face,

As they lie, between your thighs,

Something like a secret hiding space.

But there’s no rush, as this is no race,

To take my time on them slow is the only thing I crave.

Face down, I drown, to show I’m so brave,

Risking my life to please you, my last breath I can’t trace.

There’s an essence about these fluids that’s keeping me alive so I’m not afraid,

Feeling blessed in these waters,


My saving grace.

Cleansing to my whole face,

So I bathe.

Purifying to my insides,

I swallow your juices, leaving no parts unscathed.

Satisfying to my insatiable thirst,

I’m more than honored to put your satisfaction first.

My appetite is continuously quenched,

With your tight grip on the sheets,

Fists closed,

Toes clenched.

The tremble in your hips as I feast upon your savory lips,

So amazed as I graze,

Your soul is sent on outer body trips...

Oh but that’s not it.

If only you knew what I know about the tastes of your soul,

Your being is wealthy,

Your body is healthy,

And the love in your heart has more value than gold.

I taste you baby...

And I’m into sharing this taste with you,

So I give another kiss,

But for your other lips,

And now we both taste you.

Pussy sweet from all of your dreams,

With a slight bite from all of your nightmares,

I taste the joy from your success,

As well as disappointments you once had to bare.

Your drip drops so effortlessly,

You pour yourself onto my tongue so selflessly.

Indulging until my being becomes one with you,

Is that selfish of me?

This is a flavor I want to taste forever,

I’m hoping it lingers and never leaves.

Always knew I had good taste,

But the way you taste,


I can’t let a single drop go to waste.

Hard to believe that for so long my tongue has been misplaced,

Realizing its use was in vain as I discover your taste is my new happy place.

Hearing you heavy breathing,

Now it’s really got me thinking,

Willing to slide my tongue so far deep in,

And I don’t care if I’m drowning or sinking.

Around my tongue I feel your walls tense,

On my tongue I feel you cum,

Dripping down my chin,

Down the crevice of your pretty ass,

Finally tasting all the parts of you,

At last.

To feel you shake for one last moment,

I give that pussy a french kiss to show you now,

That I own it.

And just to make sure that I left nothing out,

I start over again,

As there’s nothing sweeter than the juice you left on the taste buds in my mouth.

~Soul Vibing

*(I Do Not Own The Rights To This Photo)*

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