• Soul Vibing

The Naked Picture

I want you to get naked, and I’ll get naked with you.

Freeing ourselves of all things material,

Leaving nothing but that of what’s left,

Our bare skin,

Which is truly the imperial.

As our shirts come off, I appreciate your work of art,

Noticeably hand created by the Best,

I run my hands across your chest,

And with both hands you show that you’re impressed with the sculpting of my breasts.

We get closer,

With no space left as we’re chest to chest,

Looking into each other’s eyes,

Hearts pacing slow so relaxed and at rest.

Amazed that we are only topless,

Yet still so breathtakingly breathless.

Though we’re no longer covered,

There’s still so much to discover...but I want to take it slow,

And admire every inch of you,

From the outside to the inner depths of you.

As we step out of our pants, we really step into our own skin,

Standing in our nudity,

So majestic and openly confident.

How crafted we see that our bodies are,

Down to the detailed perfection,

The sweetly curved kiss of my pussy lips,

And the strength of your chiseled erection.

Such a creative brush of your own,

With every stroke of it you capture the colors of my energy thats overflowing for you,

Captivating every moment of this awe-striking naked picture that we’re painting with our souls.

Vibrating to our vibes and our deepest desires,

I feel you...every part of you that’s flexing to piece to every part of me,

The clever gift of the art of you perfectly fitting in me.

Baby though we are two separate frames, we are created for one picture, and now...we areNaked

Not just physically, but mentally.

Not just mentally, but emotionally.

Not just emotionally, but spiritually...

Which all of those allows us to be open and naked for the stimulation of a bigger picture far greater than ourselves,

Yet within ourselves.

Using the key of our connectedness to disarm and unlock a world where our deepest fears begin to unravel,

And we cling to hope and wisdom as we embrace the unknown...

Where love is all there is and we stand in light,

Our shadows reflecting truth and beauty as that is the essence of our eternal spirits,

Captured as a naked picture.

~Soul Vibing

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