• Soul Vibing

Wet Lucid Dreams

A lucid dream is any dream where the dreamer is aware they are dreaming,

Perfect example that lets you know life isn’t always what you’re perceiving...

Life is but a dream,

What thoughts are you sending down my stream?

This realm of sleep is so real you could whisper in my ear and manipulate my dreams.

The vibration in your voice tap dancing on my subconscious,

Awakening my deepest, dirtiest desires,

Your commands in my ear telling my body everything you require.


Baby I’ll let my guard down so you can guide me slowly to the finish.

You call my name and just your tone is taking over every nerve inside of me,

Feeling impressions of you touching me,

So I start to touch myself...

Lucidly wet dreaming as I’m not in control of myself.

It’s like I really feel you sexing me,

Eyes rolling while you’re licking me,

Body tingling from sensations of you biting me,

Please let me awaken to this as a reality.

Is it twisted that I get off at just the thought and dream of you touching me?

Fingers saturated,

Pussy waters so irrigated,

I could drown the Sahara and leave myself dehydrated.


Got me releasing genuine moans in my sleep,

Letting you have your way with me.

Like I’m in bondage without the bed straps,

Feeling your every move but I can’t fight back.

What are you doing to me?

Got me tossing and turning in these sheets,

Body trembling,

Probably looking crazy if someone’s watching me sleep...

But I don’t give a fuck,

Because I feel your hand around my neck in pleasure as your way of telling me to shut up.

But it’s hard when I feel your tongue in places that I once never imagined,

Damn now my body craves it and I can’t even dream of my life before I had it,

And you’re a beast for that...

So you deserve a round of applause on your paddle,

I’m guiding your stroke,

Making my ass clap for that.

Juicy wet waves crashing from the back,

Even in my sleep you tell me my lil booty getting phat.

So go ahead and row your boat Daddy gently down my stream,

Life is but a dream and in my sleep you still manage to make me cream.

~Soul Vibing

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